Heaven On Earth: Maldives

The islands that made my face look like the heart eyed emoji even before landing. Heaven really must be a place like this. Beneath you is the powdery sand, the ocean going turquoise to navy in front, palm trees swaying with the soft breeze behind, and the freshest fruit juice in your hand…Hey! Don’t wander off daydreaming, I got stuff to tell you.

Everywhere single summer holiday I’ve been on I either experienced excessive sweating, breathing problems after I’ve been under the sun for 10 minutes, my hair going Monica Geller style, and mosquitos that make me go “how did it even bite me there?” What if I tell you I didn’t experience any of this in Maldives? I’m not joking.

It was 32 degrees everyday with bright skies. But the soft breeze made it so comforable that there has been times I just read my book all day and forgot to take a swim. Not once did I think “It might get chilly out I should take a sweater” in the evenings, or worried about my hair.

The resort we stayed at was PER AQUUM Huaven Fushi. They had different room options from bungalows or rooms on the beach. The only part that could get a little bit annoying was the fact that you couldn’t swim much far in the ocean. The corals were blocking you like prison bars and would give you cuts if you tried to cross them. (trust me, I learned the hard way)

For the people who think “What are we going to do on an island, won’t we get bored?” there really is more to do than you think. Scuba diving lessons, water sports, feeding the stingrays in the afternoon, relaxing in the spa, daily excursions to an island that you can have all to yourself, boat tours to go diving and watching the dolphins…You can really spend a week filled with activities.

There was a restaurant in the hotel called RAW, which as the name would suggest, only served raw food. I was skeptical at first but I had all my lunches there afterwards. The picture below is a raw lasagna with cucumber, zucchini and ricotta. Really delicious. I also loved the sushi, sea bass carpaccio with avocado and raw pizza which you can see in the video.

Everything was amazing at our hotel, one downside could be that you can get a little sick of seeing the same menu everyday as there aren’t that many restaurant options. But let’s just say that’s only because the island spoils you in many other ways.

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