My Skin Story & 10 Golden Rules

My skin didn’t always look like this… Watch for the full story, and here are my 10 rules that work for my skin:

  1. Never go to bed with makeup. I remove my makeup and then wash my face.
  2.  Observe my skin. It might need something else from me everyday.
  3. Avoid shea butter and mineral oil.
  4. Be careful about limonene. Don’t use products if it’s in the first few ingredients.
  5. Pay attention to alcohols.
  6. Don’t use a peeling more than once week. Use exfoliating toners instead.
  7. Don’t use foaming cleansers.
  8. Never touch red blemishes. It’s ok to squeeze whiteheads, with care.
  9. If needed, apply different products to different parts of my face.
  10. Always use SPF.


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