Innacurate Information People Have About Skin Care


Does skin breathe? The main function of our skin is to prevent external aggressors to enter and prevent essentials to escape like water. The top 0.30 mm layer of our skin can take the oxygen it needs directly from the air. This doesn’t mean that it breathes it the way our lungs do. It has a mechanism that enables it to take in oxygen without needing to be in direct contact with. This means the creams, oils even makeup you put on won’t suffocate your skin.  Your foundation won’t block the oxygen intake, your skin won’t absorb your makeup. It makes me giggle when people talk about skin breathing. I imagine my pores gasping and screaming “aiiiiiir” when I put a moisturizer on my skin.

I kind of understand big cosmetic companies using the phrase “lets your skin breathe” for marketing purposes. They are trying to point out the fact that the product is lightweight or doesn’t have any comedogenic ingredients. Either way I think they are causing a lot of confusion by using it.

Of course it’s critical to take off your makeup and cleanse your skin every night because even if you didn’t wear any makeup, the dirt and grime from the air outside will stick to your skin and can cause blackheads and pimples. 

Skin Gets Tired: There is absolutely no way your skin can get tired because you’re using skin care products.

If your skin “looks” tired, that a whole different issue caused by dehydration which you can fix by using the right products. If you take off your makeup every night, cleanse and use your serum and moisturizer, you will not face any problems.


If a particular product you used caused an unwanted results on your skin, this doesn’t mean all cosmetic products are harmful or bad. This only means a specific ingredient in that product did not get along with your skin. 

Parabens; are preservatives. They’re the stuff that keeps your lipstick fresh and stops it from giving you an infection even when you had it for years. To this day they are probably the more effective type of preservatives.Despite all this buzz surrounding parabens, there isn’t any scientific proof that parabens cause cancer. Especially in the small amounts used in personal-care products, parabens do not pose a significant health risk. In fact, some alternative ingredients may not give the product the same amount of protections parabens do. Or, they may cause irritation. Which is why brands tend to mix different ingredients to create the protection the product needs from bacteria. I will talk about these at a future time.

Obviously, if you have the means, you can try to stay away from parabens, just in case. Or you can make sure parabens aren’t at the top of the ingredients list. But don’t run away from a product once you see parabens. It’s illogical, especially if you don’t know anything else about the ingredients. So until you keep all your cosmetics in your fridge, you need some sort of preservative in your products, especially the ones you keep in moist, hot places like the shower.

Unafilliated European Scientists on parabens:

The FDA found that parabens are safe for use in cosmetics:

Test results by scientists from the European Commision’da

Using Toothpaste on Pimples: Toothpaste is easy to access, we all have it in our homes. And yes, it can dry out the pimple. But the thing is they can also irritate skin too. It can even burn your skin if you have sensitive skin. I’s say stick to salicylic acid-based products on your pimples. They may take longer to dry out the pimple, but are much safer and gentler.

Creams Cause Facial Hair: Nor creams nor oils cause facial hair growth. This is impossible because they can’t nourish the hair follicles. Hair growth is caused by hormonal problem, PCOS or a drug you might be using. 

For your cream to cause facial hair, you should be using for at least a year. Please don’t say “I’ve been using it for a week and it gave me facial hair.” 🙂 Hair follicles speed up growth when testosterone levels rise in your blood. So it’s not the vitamin E or A’s fault.

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